While everyone can take advantage of a professional cleaning service, they’re an absolute necessity for a commercial business. Whether you’re a fashion boutique or an independent café, cleanliness and hygiene are essential for making the best first impression for your business. A professional commercial cleaning service can utilise the highest quality of cleaning products and equipment, giving you the best results and dealing with issues that over-the-counter products wouldn’t be able to tackle. We’re running you through five reasons why you have to invest in professional commercial cleaning services for your business.

First Impressions Matter

When you have a commercial space, it’s more than just somewhere for you and your employees to work from. Whether it’s an office or a store, you’ll have clients and customers calling in to see you throughout the day. First impressions mean everything in the world of business. You always want to be showing your clientele that you’re on top of things – whether it’s sending invoices or keeping your floors spotless. When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll always make a spotless first impression.


Our professional cleaning service will be able to tackle the nuances and unique aspects of your commercial space. They’ll tailor a plan to fit the needs of your building, whether it’s cleaning your restaurants’ kitchen or keeping your product displays squeaky clean. We’ll also be able to recommend products that your team can use for spot cleaning between professional cleans, so you’re always prepared. 

Healthier and Safer Working Environment

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to have a clean workspace. While we’ve all become accustomed to hand sanitiser and masks, deep cleaning your commercial premises is just as important. Allergens, bacteria, and germs are everything – hidden from the naked eye and impossible to see. Keeping your commercial space clean can reduce dust mites and mould spores which can trigger asthma and allergy issues for your customers and employees. Having a healthier and safer working environment means your employees are less likely to catch illnesses like the common cold, leading to fewer sick days and increased productivity. It’s an instant win-win.

High-touch areas like cash registers, product displays, and kitchen appliances should all be deep cleaned, along with regular spot cleaning. Our professional commercial cleaning service will go a step further and clean every aspect of your space, from mopping the floor to dusting shelves and workstations. 

Works Around Your Schedule

If you’re trying to do your cleaning in-house, you might be trying to squeeze it into your operating hours to avoid paying your employees overtime or asking them to stay late. A professional cleaning service can work around you and the needs of your business. If you’re a bar or restaurant, you might prefer to have our team visit a few hours before opening your doors to customers. Office spaces generally ask for us to go in at the end of the working day once their employees have clocked off and headed home. Our team will be flexible and work with you to find the best time to carry out their cleaning to not disturb your business operations. 

You can carry on working throughout the day, and we can take charge of cleaning your commercial space. Without having to add cleaning to your daily ‘to do’ list, you and your employee can focus on hitting your goals and expanding your business. There’ll be no more disagreements about who pulls the short straw and ends up on mopping-up duty. Our friendly team of professional cleaners will free up your schedule and help you increase your productivity by getting straight down to work.

Consistent and Reliable Results

Trying to deep clean a commercial space with off-the-shelf products from a supermarket can feel like climbing a mountain. Your commercial property isn’t like a private home, as you have more traffic moving through your space, with different people coming in and out throughout the day. If you try to assign cleaning duties to various employees, you might get varying results. Not everyone is a master of mopping up! When you hire a professional cleaning service, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll always get high-quality and consistent results.


We train our team on how to clean both residential and commercial properties, including using the correct products and equipment to deep clean your space. They’ll know exactly what to use to get that stubborn stain out of your carpet. 

More Cost-Effective 

If you were to purchase these high-quality products and assign the cleaning duties to an existing employee, you wouldn’t get the same results, and you’ll end up spending more. We’ve all heard the saying that sometimes you have to spend money to save money. If each of your employees spent an hour a week cleaning your commercial space, you’re losing around seven working days per employee. If you have a larger team, this can quickly start to build up.


Not only is it more cost-effective to outsource your cleaning, but it also often boosts your company’s overall productivity. When your office is clean, you’re able to get straight to work. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up before opening your store or about taking valuable time out of your day to go through a cleaning rota. You will always work better in a clean and organised space. Having a workspace full of clutter can often demotivate and overwhelm you. When your commercial space is clean and tidy, your employees will be more motivated to get their work done.


Every commercial space can benefit from outsourcing its cleaning to a professional company. It’ll boost your productivity, create a safer working environment, and make a spotless first impression. Our team operates across Essex and North East London, providing our high-quality commercial cleaning services to businesses of all sizes. If you have any questions or are interested in booking our services, you can get in touch and speak directly to our customer service team.

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